Web design services

Building a site for you, with you.

You can nearly always put any web site in to one of two categories, 'ones that have good web design but bad development' or 'ones that have good web development but bad design'. It is critical to get both right for your web site to be a success and it all starts with web design.

A design can begin life as a simple sketch on paper which can then be converted to a wire frame and then to a full colour visual. The design has to fulfill a demanding job. It has to be visually appealing, have text clarity and be inviting to read, intuitive, with a clear message and all this has to be got across to the user in under a second as well distinguishing itself among the billions of other sites on the world wide web.

So, how do we do this for you?

At the heart of any web site is the content. We focus on making sure your site has good, relevant and updated content. Even the hardest to use sites can attract thousands of visitors if the content is of value. If the content is what the user is after then they are prepared to put up with some of the inconveniences poorly put together site throw at them. Your site will, of course, be expertly put together.

Once we agree your content then it's a question of how best it's put across to the user. Do they know what your site is about? Do they know what your site has to offer? If they think your site has what they want can they find it easily with intuitive navigation and meaningful page headings? Know your target users and test, test, test.

All this and so far not a line of computer code in sight.

So then we come to fun bit, the design. Armed with all of the above it's time to start weaving type faces, colour's, layouts, logos and pictures together. Many companies spend a fortune building a corporate identity only to completely ignore this when it comes to their web site. Making sure your site fit's with all your other marketing material is essential for your company branding.

If you think about all the sites that you actually use you'll notice that they all have certain things in common. A logo top left corner that if clicked takes the user back to the home page, a tag line telling what the site is about, a simplified text based navigation at the very bottom of the page. These are called web conventions and they are elements a user, whether consciously or unconsciously, excepts to see on a web site. In the same way when you open a book you expect there to be a page number on each page, a contents at the front and an index at the back - you wouldn't look at the front of the book to find the index. These conventions don't have to limit the creativity but your site has to follow them to make it as easy as possible for your users.

Converting a design in to a web site is where the programming comes in. Your site now needs to be coded up in away that follows the design and is compatible with the ever-increasing number of web browser out there - much like trying to build a train where all the tracks are a different shape and size. What might look pixel perfect in Internet Explorer can look unrecognizable in FireFox. How do we overcome this? By following web standards and drawing on years of experience.

So now we have a great looking site, easy to navigate and stuffed full of really useful content - the new gem in your companies marketing department. What now? It's time to tell the world. Get in among those search engines, start getting links back to your new site and above all, keep it up to date - no one, least of all the fickle search engines, rate sites that static and out of date.

Studio Web Design can guide you through all the stages above working together, step by step, so that you get the web site you're after. To discuss further click here to contact us.